Sunday, May 15, 2011

Today I am thankful - Mud, lunch and home!

- for a wonderful end to our weekend away, as Melissa and I drove the hour and half back to Melbourne and hooked up with Kaitlyn and Molly for the Million Paws Walk at Albert Park. Words cannot describe the sight of hundreds of dogs and their owners trekking around the lake in the most gluggy mud!  Some dogs got carried, some reveled in the mess and an Irish Wolfhound in front of us looked embarrassed when he slipped into the lake! After the walk, we negotiated the mire to have our annual  photo portrait and then cut our loses and left for somewhere mud-free.

- for a Girl's Day Out: lunch in Albert Park, followed by shopping at Pets in the City and then - joy of joys! - we found a wool shop!!! Wool Bah! Came away with three balls of yarn which I have decided will be the beginning of my friendship blanket project!!!

- for more shopping: we headed over to South Melbourne, where Molly was amazed by the sights and sounds of the market outskirts. Then we headed for home, tea and recovery!!!!! All shall sleep well tonight.

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