Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ta Da! Art room, formerly known as scraproom

I am now sitting back and enjoying the end result of two days rebooting what I now intend to call my art room.

While I do plan on taking some photos to share the details, I grabbed my tablet and made an impromptu video to show you the overall result. One thing that often strikes me when I look at people's studios is just how much space they tend to have, especially those in the US with big basements. So i want you to really understand that, if my arms were only a little longer, I could stand in the centre of my room and touch both walls. This room is not big and while I am so happy to have it, I understand the frustrations of not having a dedicated room for art/craft of any kind. So I am big on maximising the space I do have and using storage options that are, for the majority, items bought second hand or freecycled, on sale or low budget. Keeping it real.


Indigene Theresa said...

I love your wonderful space! I have a corner of my living room, known as Studio Nookery, which I love! Just think when you enter your space, it's yours filled with the power of creativity! :) Oh, by the way, I don't have a big American space either, and I'm American :) :) :)

Annie Lou said...

I think it looks nice and cozy! I love that there's a special place for the dog!!!

Alannah said...

wow. I am impressed. You have done a great job. Thanks for a peep inside your creative space!