Monday, May 16, 2011

Project Friendship Blanket

I am ready to begin!

After a few weeks researching, exploring and practicing, I am about to begin my crochet project.


Inspired by this, I plan to create a free-form blanket to nurture and comfort me for many years to come. I have decided to go primarily with yarn, rather than fabric, as I want something soft and snuggly to wrap around me when my body is struggling and my energy is low. However, I will add interesting scraps of fabric if they take my fancy. I will use natural and recycled yarns and incorporate interesting bits and pieces as I go - think beads, embellishments and interesting finds!

Because this is a friendship blanket, I invite you to contribute - perhaps by crocheting/knitting a piece to be incorporated, sending some leftover yarn or an interesting bead or other embellishment. Or maybe giving me instructions for a variation or stitch I can add or suggesting a colour or type of yarn to add.

The end result will be with me in colder months when my fibromyalgia sends me to bed and will inspire me visually during the hot weather when my MS fatigue does the same! And if I ever end up in hospital, it can come along to remind me I am always surrounded by friends. This will be an ongoing project, ideally never quite finished, like my life and my circle of friends.

So now I am putting aside my laptop and picking up my hook and yarn and begin at the centre ... with you alongside me as I go.

Friends are people who know everything about you
and they like you anyway

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Kate said...

aw, that blanket is gorgeous! I have an obsession about all things yarny also, with a very big soft spot for crochet in this knitting-centric craft world, and I'm smiling to think of another gorgeous non-nanna crochet blanket in the world :) I'm not really a blog reader, so I hope I can keep in touch with this project of yours until it is done.