Monday, May 23, 2011

Today I am thankful - remembering, red hats and deliveries

- for remembering: by chance, I needed to get to Southland to buy more bio-bags  for the compost at atomic green - and I remembered while I was at an ABA meeting in nearby Springvale :) I love it when my brain works ;)

- for red hats: I have decided to make we three girls crochet red hats to wear at the MS Walk in 2 weeks (everyone dresses in red on the day) - and when I popped into Lincraft, they had red wool on sale!

- for deliveries: I got home to find the three canvas prints I had ordered through a Cudos special had arrived, as well as a small photo book from Snapfish and the photo print of Molly and her girls at the Million Paws Walk last week. The mail was full of fabulous family photos :)

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