Friday, December 26, 2008


(blowing virtual dust off blog)

I haven't been here for ages. Humble apologies. I am not sure where the second half of 2008 went and the last quarter is definitely a mystery! (Facebook may be a culprit!)

It is Boxing Day and I am twiddling my thumbs. mmm ... plenty of time to spare now, go figure! Time to reflect and to plan.

We have had a wonderful Christmas and are now in holiday mode. I don't go back to work for two weeks, so now is the time to chill out and do nothing. Well, maybe do some fun stuff and some essential stuff!

One thing I will be focusing on is scrapbooking - I have been seriously off the wagon these past few months ... mmm, since Molly arrived, I think! I did scrap for Kaitlyn's 21st birthday and our silver wedding anniversary, but haven't even taken photos to upload to my gallery, so that is near the top of the To Do list. The scrap room will get a good clean up and refreshment to motivate me. I have been printing some of my back log of photos in preparation: normally I do this as I go, but I want to be able to catch my mojo when it appears, without delay!

I am also tackling Mt To Be Read! That too has gathered dust in recent months, very unlike me. Too many distractions AKA the Office, the Dog etc! I guess I put in lots of hours preparing for the party on October 25 too, so that ate some time. So now to catch up. I have made a good start this week, finishing the latest Phryne Fisher mystery by Kerry Greenwood and the latest tea-shop mystery by Laura Childs and have now started Dublin by Edward Rutherford, one of my favourite authors but a book I didn't settle with when I first bought it, despite previous addiction to his other books. I got the second in the Ireland series with a gift voucher last week, so am determined to immerse myself in the past 1500 years or so of Irish history!

I will also be treating myself to some missed TV opportunities, as Santa brought TiVo to our home! So I will be recording lots of shows that screen too late for me to watch or clash with another favourite and will not have to choose between walking the dog on the beach or watching a can't misss program! And no more bloody tapes!!!!!!!!

So, that's me, end of 2008, thereabouts. Roll on new Year! I feel ready to GO!!!!