Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Today I am thankful - quiet, sharing and Rhonda.

- for a quiet one: for every up there is a down and my body has spent the past 24 hours grumbling about the level of activity these past three days. So I was happy to be blessed by a quiet day in the office, where I could set myself up on one of the couches are work from there. I am also thankful for wireless technology that doesn't tie me to my desk :)

- for sharing: Lauren came in to the office and got to be the first person I spoke to about all the things I learned at yesterday's workshop.I think I was even more excited exploring all the new information than I was hearing it!

- for knowing Rhonda: a friend and past-volunteer with ABA, Rhonda sadly died on Sunday in a tragic accident in her driveway at home. She leaves behind three young children - and fond memories. It was her birthday. Rhonda was cousin to my dear friend Debbie and my heart aches for how the family must be grieving.

This tragedy is really shocking and we don't know if it was caused by human error or faulty design. There is a lesson for us all though, to take care around cars. I am posting a link to the story here, in the hope it may help prevent such an occurrence in the future, but please don't click on it if it will cause undue distress.

RIP Rhonda.

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