Organising & Decluttering

No, I'm not a naturally organized person - I am an organized THINKER! But my disorganized ACTIONS led me to investigate tips and ideas to help me live in a more organized way.
Along the way, I have found lots of other people are interested in getting organized. 

Despite be a chronically disorganized housekeeper,  I relish systems and methods that help me organize! Basically, I am a control freak perfectionist, trapped inside a Messie's body!
I  have developed and tweaked existing methods to suit our family. I offer them to you to use in your own quest. They may not suit you - they will not have always suited us! Hopefully, they will help you develop your own path to a more tranquil home environment. Or at least be able to find things!

My Mission

When people live in an organized environment, they have less stress, better sense of well-being, and more freedom and energy to focus on enjoying life, working well, and achieving goals. I hope the information here acts as a guide and motivates you to make changes YOU choose to make.

I have a website where I have shared my systems and strategies over the years and a blog with more recent ideas. I am currently working on 52 Weeks of Decluttering, which I am sharin ghere on my Ramblings blog.