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After thirty years immersed in all things babies, I have seen some wonderful development in products to make life easier for mother and child - and some absolute shockers!

But how on earth are expectant or new parents to navigate their way through an increasingly commercial world of products without wasting their money and cluttering their homes with rubbish?

Since my granddaughter Charlie was born, I have been able to combine my experience as a mother, retailer, volunteer and community member to good use, finding some fantastic products and using them in my role as a hands-on granny! And so our product reviews began - seeking quality, affordable and reliable additions to enhance life with a baby.

3 Gens Road Tests - three generations of opinions!

Our reviews are fully transparent - I will tell you if we purchased, were gifted or asked to try a product and we will be honest about our experience in using it. As we road test different products, we seek to support small business where we can, as well as looking for innovation and great design.

If you are interested in submitting a product for consideration, please email me at

Products that are not in line with our approach to parenting and infant care, our ethics or otherwise conflict with our beliefs will not be considered.

On the road!

Currently checking out:

  • Baby-wearing nappy bags - patterns and products
  • Baby slings and carriers for summer
  • Baby-led solids - portable high chairs, bibs
  • Modern Cloth Nappies
  • Babywearing - review mirrors
  • Beach Shelters

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