Sunday, April 17, 2011

52 Weeks of decluttering - week fifteen: Organizing Closets

I feel back in control a little this week, because I have managed this prompt over the past (chaotic) month.

I try to switch my wardrobe twice a year, around the Equinox in Spring and Autumn. Probably 2/3 of my wardrobe is in use year round, so it is only the items for extreme weather variation that move in and out - my fisherman pants and peasant skirts that are my base summer weekend wardrobe and my winter coat, jumpers and boots. My wardrobe (closet) is just over a metre wide, so I value the space I can free up by putting off-season garments away.

I have come across this a couple of times and toyed with the idea, but a quick count of garments on hangers blows the limit, before I even look at folded items, shoes, bags, scarves and jewelery! I tend to wear layers, which seems not to fit the minimalist capsule wardrobe concept :)
I hang by colour - helps me find things!

I use all the precious space

Off-season lives in the box - both ends are labelled, just turn them around!

I store my bras and knickers here and stack vertically. Other boxes hold singlet tops, tshirts, socks, scarves.
Also some shoes slot in here. Leggings are stacked in the corner/

Room for new additions! You can just see my leggings stack behind the scarves.

My favourite shoes live here, with my jewelry.

Having my jewelry displayed where I dress means I wear it more.

Perfect use for that little space
Because the walk-in robe is actually a walk-thru to our en-suite bathroom, I can dress easily when I am getting ready for the day. I usually plan what I will wear the night before, if it is a work day. Colour coordination means I can mix and match and I enjoy trying new options.

This week's questions:
1.  Will you be tackling a closet this week?  If so, don’t forget to follow the PROCESS to make it quick and simple.
I take everything out of the wardrobe and reasses every item before it goes into storage or back on the hanger. If I don't love it, I don't keep it.
2.  Did you run into any road blocks last week?
Time and energy are my road blocks lately but life will calm down a bit now.
3.  Since starting this challenge can you name one habit you’ve been able to develop that has stuck?
Interestingly, I am shopping more conciously and considering if I have space for new items.


Narelle said...

Cleaning out the wardrobe has been on the to-do list for ages! I'm a bit daunted by it actually, I think it will be more than a week's job!

Yvette O'Dowd said...

Baby steps Narelle. BTW, love that you are challenging yourself - you must feel better energy now you have cleaned under the stairs :)

Jamie said...

Love the colours in your wardrobe, Yvette. Very you!

Anonymous said...

Very nice job. I really like the black etaganger or whatever you call that thing by the door.

Martha (MM) said...

Love your shoe and jewelry holder! Thanks a great idea :-)

Smita said...

many ideas on closet your wardrobe.. very nice colors.

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