Sunday, February 17, 2008

You know, I love a good To Do list! And this looks great!

You can even enter this competition to win one!
I love the way it sets up every different task on your to do list. Very impressed.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Kieran is 17!

You used to cry if we put you down.
You used to breastfeed 24/7.
You used to sleep in our bed.
You used to spend hours in the baby sling.
You used to be my baby.
You still are my baby, even though you hate me saying that!
You are my only son.
You are 17 years old today.
You are my friend.
Happy Birthday Kieran Patrick!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Okay, so ...

Over the past two or three days (which have been really busy) I have been observing a loss of sensation … not unusual for my MS, but this is a brand new variation.

I can’t taste salt!

Makes for very blah eating, I might add. Still okay for sweet and I can taste lemon, so that is sour and/or bitter. But no salt. Meals so far have included stir fry, pizza, vegemite on toast … nada. Bland and sort of bicarb soda-ish. Like it needs … salt! Ever had unsalty vegemite? Don’t bother! Toothpaste tastes weird … does it have salt???

My whole mouth feels weird too, I suspect there are some numb patches forming. My tongue feels burned, but without the pain.

This will be transitory, probably get worse over a week or so, plateau for a couple of weeks and then gradually revert to normal. That is, if it is a MS episode. I need to see my doctor soon anyway, so will mention it, but it is too minor to go the steroid treatment path.

So I guess it will aid my weight loss plans – who wants to eat if you can’t taste? Especially as my weaknesses are things like cheese, olives etc with crackers or bread … unless I resort to chocolate in my grief! MMM … must try some really bitter dark chocolate to see if bitter is okay. So far, I can still taste the difference between my different flavoured teas – if that goes, I will just buy boring normal plain tea! I had a couple of chai lattes yesterday which were suspiously bland – not sure if it was just the mix or not, will have to do some testing! But if I lose spicy, then no point in chai either!

Just another of my weird take on MS … but she looks fine!