Thursday, May 12, 2011

Today I am thankful - cosy, crochet and escape!

- for a cosy day at the office: with it raining and miserable outside, I was glad to have such a warm place of work. Most of the work today was answering phone calls - everyone was also wisely staying indoors!

- for more crochet! I made another hat - they are so quick - and have made one of a pair of matching wrist warmers :) The way the weather is looking, we will need them!!

- for a weekend escape. The forecast might be wet, wet and more wet, with a topping of cold, but Melissa and I are looking forward to our weekend away. We head off at lunchtime tomorrow and will arrive in Daylesford in time for afternoon tea and shopping. We are staying the night in a B&B which promises an open fire and cast iron bathtub, which should make up for any coldness. Then Saturday we head to Clunes for Back to Booktown and intend to indulge our shared book obsession before heading back to the B&B for the night. Then, first thing Sunday, we have to head back to Melbourne to meet up with Molly and Kaitlyn for the Million Paws Walk at Albert Park, which will necessitate copious tea and coffee and cake at the nearby shops afterwards :) It is a hard life but we make the best of it ;)

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