Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Today I am thankful -

- for progress: my crochet blanket is now large enough to cover a cat!! (There will be photos soon, promise!)

- for service: today at the Breastfeeding Centre was flat out. Of the four visitors we had, two spent much of the day with us and were really in need of the support we offer. We were able to offer lots of resources and support them as they worked on attachment issues, used a breast pump for the first time and reassured each other through their shared conversation. This is why we are here. This is what we need to do.

- for delivery: After much patient waiting, today I received from Mothers' Direct this DVD - and just in time for my twins & more BEC this weekend! Yay! No longer will I need to battle with streaming this bit of it online :) And the mums today were able to watch it, boosting their confidence too :) I find it is really useful for women expecting multiple births, with that higher risk of premature birth, to know how to maximise production by hand expressing and/or pumping. Feedback from those who saw it antenatally has been relief they had seen it before they needed to do it.

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