Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today I am thankful - crochet, wollies and tea.

- for crochet on the web! I have been attempting a hat these past few days - first attempt was more like a ruffle, until a kind Facebook friend took pity and let me know that US and UK terminology mean different things! Sheesh! My second attempt, I accidentally made too big - did an additional increasing row nobody asked me to ;) But my third attempt is a hat! Maybe slightly on the largish end of the scale but a hat nonetheless! It is the first object I have ever made that wasn't a granny square rug, so very happy! And now learning more stitches via Youtube - in the olden days you had to know someone who could do them and was willing to show you!!! Plans for my friendship blanket are starting to form in my mind :)

- for woolies: yesterday and today have been very cold (for us!) with morning drive temperatures of 4-6 degrees Celsius. So today I got to rug up and greet some of my winter wardrobe friends, because autumn seems only a memory now!

- for tea: the kettle was running hot today, as both staff and visitors were thankful for warm drinks - will have to start buying larger cartons of milk, we are really into cuppa season now! I have corrupted myy co-worker Kintara, who wasn't really a tea drinker before she started working with me ;)

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