Monday, May 16, 2011

Today I am thankful - rest, yarn and connections

- for a rest day! Tucked up under the doona, with a sleeping dog at my feet (she was exhausted after yesterday - shall I tell her we do it again in three weeks??), I hopefully banked enough energy to get me through the week. A little reading, a little crochet, a little blog-hopping - and a couple of tea/food breakouts to the kitchen.

- for piles of yarn! As I began my blanket project, I had balls of various yarn scattered around me on the bed - and a little Cavalier snoring amongst them! Well, I did say I want to mainly use natural fibres, so that includes dog (and cat) hair, I guess!!!

- for connections: as I have been managing my commitments this past month or two, I have cut back on two of my circles - Buddies and Goddesses. But I know they are there for me, waiting patiently, and I am just about ready to enter back into their embrace. And being able to take a break, without guilt, just shows how special these circles of woman are.

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