Saturday, May 7, 2011

Today I am thankful - photos, surprise and sling.

- for photo printing: today I got three 5x7 and 3 8x10 enlargements for less than we used to pay for just one! Sometimes we over-look those things which have become less expensive over time.

- for happy surprise: selling raffle tickets today, it was wonderful to hear "What are YOU doing here?" from people I know and "Lovely to see ABA here" from people I don't. Re-establishing a group in a community where NMAA/ABA once was strong means there are a lot of "old Nursing Mothers" out there who are really glad to see us back.

- for baby-wearing: amongst all the visitors to the shopping centre, who hail from all the corners of the globe, I spotted a tiny African mother wearing her little baby bound to her back in the traditional way. In a sea of prams and strollers it was a delight to see someone practicing the ancient art. Too many our migrants think they must get a pram to fit in.

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