Thursday, May 5, 2011

Today I am thankful - preparation, action and abducted!

- for preparation: my calendar next week includes a group discussion looking at the "new" growth charts; a talk for a group of health professionals about (at their request!) ways of talking to their clients about breastfeeding being normal and the risks of not breastfeeding and a refresher on breast pumps for an ABA volunteer "popping in" from Singapore! So time today on both my paid and unpaid time downloading videos and resources and planning for each.

- for action! After several months, finally the right person has set in place an investigation into the flooding that is occurring next to our office every time it rains. A plumber came in to check our wet areas - by holding a metal drill-bit against a tap and putting his ear to it! I kid you not! That made my day - and so did the relief that we are not considered the "source"! However, general agreement is it is somewhere underneath the concrete slab our six office suites are perched on, so I suspect interesting times ahead.

- for a phone call from Kieran, announcing he an Melissa would be home late. She abducted him today, he thought just to a "geek" shop, but she was planning on going up to the Dandenongs to a couple of new age and tea shops!!! When he rang, he was recovering from being attacked by leeches on a bush walk! Poor wee indoor man ;)

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