Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Call of the ... wool?

I have come to accept that the Universe leads me in strange ways to new things in my life, with repeat random exposure until I get the message.

These past few months, She has been whispering and muttering about knitting and crochet. In books I am reading, in blogs I am following and into the ears of those around me who are suddenly created with hooks and needles.

I have been both a knitter and a crocheter in the past - I granny-squared my way through an enomous afghan about 30 years ago and knitted baby clothes and even a large 80s jumper (sweater) for myself in glorious baby-pink! Last year I dipped my toe in the water with a scarf/snood thingy.

But this is what is putting out the siren call right now : (you must dismiss from your mind my Mount To Be Read and my lack of scrapbooking and just humour me!)

Kye describes her work "This is a rug I made of scraps and recycled fabrics several years ago.I have always loved workings with fibres,always freeform,I cant follow patterns,my brain just doesn't work like that.Its crochet,but i used scraps of fabric. i crocheted the circle,then crocheted triangles around the edge of that circle and built it up like that"
Uh-huh, right so I just .... what, exactly do I do?

I am putting it to the Universe to send me some guidance through my social network! What sort of fabrics would you choose? What size strips would you create and how do you join them? What size crochet hook would I choose? I don't even know if we have a decent wool shop locally anymore, with nice old ladies in pastels to guide me and i don't think rocking up at Spotlight will do much good!

I look forwarding to hearing from you all soon :) I would love to make this a friendship project and ask my cyber-friends to share fabric or fibre to be incorporated, but have no idea what to even ask for!!!!!

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Yillup said...

I LOVE crocheting. I have such a busy brain, crocheting is a great way to silence that over-activeness.

I do mostly work with acrylic yarns because of it's wash-ability and strength when you create things for little kids...

You can make almost any fabric into a rag yarn. There's a great tutorial for it here...

T-shirt fabric seems to be pretty popular at the moment as a recycled rag yarn.

Spotlight should have a choice of crochet hooks as well. For something like this, the bigger the better. The tutorial mentions a size 19 hook, which is actually a 16mm hook in Australian metric terms. It depends on what type of yarn you end up using and how tightly you crochet though.

And if you want any help on how to actually crochet, YouTube has some awesome tutorials! That's how I started crocheting...