Saturday, May 1, 2010

Reflecting on 365 Project - four months down

I have just added today's photo to my Project Life album and made a mental note that it is the first day of another month and I have consistently created a photo for the album every day for 121 days this year!

Looking back through them, enough time has now passed that they act as a reminder of the year so far. With one third of 2010 now passed, the change of season finally taking effect and wedding preparations notching up a gear, you can see how quickly the time will pass in the coming months. The wedding To Do list is gradually - and with little fuss - being checked off as we go.

In another four months, it will August! I will have had a birthday by then, it will have been a year since Kaitlyn left home and we will be in the midst of winter. No doubt I will be finding it harder to capture a photo each day, with less daylight and more inclement weather reducing my to indoor subjects. We will be in the quieter period of the year in my ABA life, and the pace at the Breastfeeding Centre will slow as less babies are born and the weather keeps visitors at home.

I think I will gather a list of prompts for photos to inspire me through the following months - maybe document more of our home life, my treasures, my people - and my animals :)

I have been amazed at the interest in my project from my Facebook Friends - so many lovely comments, both online and in person; people asking if they can be "photo of the day"; friends becoming inspired to take more photos, scrapbook more or just look at the everydayness of their lives.

I think the interest can be summed up with this photo - taken as a tradition at our Branch conference, but referred to by so many as that day's Photo Of The Day! Have a look at how many Facebook Friends have tagged themselves!

You can follow the daily photo uploads in two places online: My Facebook album and my gallery at the 365 Project site.