Sunday, May 8, 2011

Today I am thankful - mothers, family and treats

- for motherhood: Mothers Day is the day I celebrate women who mother. My world is filled with mothers - some starting out, some moving into grandmotherhood. While my own mother is not part of my life, I am nurtured by a wide network of women who mother me. And my own three children make me proud to call myself a Mother.

- for family: today was not only Mothers Day but also a surprise celebration of my cousin's 50th birthday. As one of twelve siblings, any family occasion is a party but today they combined two. Today I was reminded I am a niece, a cousin, a sister and an aunt and there is nothing as novel for me as being in a room full of people, most of whom are blood-related and bear startling similarity to each other and myself! As nine out of twelve children gathered with their 83 yo mother, with assorted spouses, children and more, the energy of life was wonderful. Logistically challenging, we do not all meet very often but it is so great when we do. As my side of the family has only my sister and I, plus our combined six children, the novelty factor never fades.
Mother and children - plus a great-granddaughter on the run!
- for treats: I left before my kids got up (you know, just before lunchtime!) so my Mothers day began when I returned home. Melissa gave me a new Angel for my collection and Kieran gave me teas - bought when his siter dragged him to the tea shop last week :) So lovely.

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