Sunday, May 22, 2011

Today I am thankful - season, local and prepared.

- for season: at the farmers market, there were autumn leaves scattering about on the ground and shoppers wore scarves and hats as they bought supplies for warming meals and huddled over their take-away coffees. Not so hard to believe winter is only a few weeks away now.

- for local: I bought locally-made Parmesan cheese and locally-grown baby spinach to go in our dinner. Once you open your eyes to see local produce, you realise it is abundant. And buying it from the artisans and gardeners who produced it is a great feeling.

- for prepared: while I chatted on the hands-free phone with mums calling the breastfeeding helpline, I bulk prepared ingredients that came together as five work-meals for the freezer and a pot of chicken and pesto pasta for dinner. Life is so much easier when I have time like this to prepare food.

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Need To Change said...

I did a heap of freezer meals the other month. Its my aim to do it again in the coming week. It makes busy nights so much easier.