Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a difference a year makes!

Here we are, the end of September and I feel like all my ducks are in a row. At home and at work there is peace and order.

Flashback to this week 2008 - not so much!

Hard as it is to believe, it is a year since we opened our ABA Victorian Branch Office in Dandenong - to be known as The Breastfeeding Centre. This time last year, I was in the midst of packing the office from its temporary location in my lounge room, whilst coordinating removalists, utitilies, connections etc and wondering if our grand plan would actually work.

So far, so good!

The empty space I received the keys for last year is now a cosy community space and also an efficient administrative base. Throught the wonder of, generous donations and karma, my wish list is pretty well ticked off and the BF Centre is the hub for breastfeeding
that we envisaged.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A new season!

I am so glad another Winter is over. I really don't "do" Winter - I much prefer Autumn and Spring - and Summer when it isn't being extreme!

So the season of new life is upon us, what better time to bring my blog up to speed and make the usual resolution to post more regularly?

There have been many changes here in our home (which always reminds me of the top of the Faraway Tree - you never know where you will be when you poke your head through the cloud!) A few weeks ago, Kaitlyn moved out of home - the first of our chicks to officially leave the nest. (Melissa backpacking for two years doesn't count - leaving the nest involves taking your stuff elsewhere to live!). So we are now down to a household of only four, after often being one of six, with Ashley around most of the time. They have set up house together, just them, three adult friends and a four year old girl :) - they may not be feeling the same level of change as we are!

Of course, Kaitlyn barely took the last item from her room (leaving only a sad, unwanted poster of Eminem) when I had the paintbrush in hand and began decorating my new scrapbooking room! What else do mothers do to compensate for losing a fledged child? I followed the fine example my MIL set all those years ago, when Rod moved in with me - she actually tore down a wall and made his room into a second living area!!!

I am sharing my creative space with Melissa. It is a Scrap and Sew room. So far this is working really well, as we have different peak times for creativeness, which tend not to overlap too much. As I vacate for bed at 8.30pm, she is just getting around to thinking about starting :) So we can each get a good couple of hours work in without stepping on any toes (virtual or actual!)

And the new space has been just the prod I needed to get my scrapbooking mojo back. After most of twelve months only scrapping what I "needed to do", I am now back on track. I have finished off some projects, caught up to date with others and begun new ones. I am not sure what led to the down time - perhaps I just needed it - but am now enjoying creating once more.