Monday, June 21, 2010

I am one of those SAD people I pitied!

I clearly remember my teenage me - indeed, I am sure she was here but a moment ago. That 15yo was a sharp, young thing and knew what was what. Her opinions were given at every opportunity (and mostly without request!) and there was nothing of which she did not have an opinion!

One thing she knew all about was music. Specifically, the very distinct line between what was COOL music and what was SAD music. This mostly came down to a fuzzy time period around the mid 1970s, at which point music could become COOL. Anything prior to that time was most likely SAD, unless it happened to have been produced by a band or singer who had maintained their COOL status.

There was a really easy way to spot SAD music. It was so pathetic, they rounded it up onto special records that were labelled "Best of ..." and were either the sum total of a musicians life or a time in the SAD past. And these records were marketed at those poor, old people who lived before music became COOL and looked back to their SAD music as a memory of their youth.

You know, people like my Mum. Who use to bang on about seeing Bill Haley and his Comets in concert. SAD.

I hope that 15yo me is not listening, as I have a terrible confession to make.

My recent spare time has been spent sorting out my iTunes music collection. And it is SAD, very, very SAD!

Now the time frame has expanded to incorporate everything up until those mid 70s and continues on through the 1980s, with a slight nod at the classics on the 90s and the ... (sigh) noughties [I hate using that name]

Somehow, I have become one of those SAD people, excitedly pulling just the right "Best Of" out of the reduced rack at JB Hi-fi. Waving my prize in the air and getting understanding nods from others my age - and pitying looks from those who haven't bought an actual CD in, like, you know - EVER!

But I don't care! I love my SAD music collection and it is good to know that I have all my old friends close by - in my laptop and in my Blackberry!

Because I maybe SAD when it comes to music, but I am very COOL when it comes to gadgets ;) Which is good, because I can buy stuff on iTunes that JB wouldn't be caught dead stocking - like my new Donna Summer Dance Collection - with all the 12" disco versions!!!!! (Go ask your mum)