Monday, May 30, 2011

Today I am thankful - hairdresser, fledgling and progress

- for social hairdressing: I love that my hairdresser became a friend and that I visit her home each month for my cut and colour. I love that I get to watch her lovely baby grow so quickly and that we can chat and share while I am transformed. I followed her from salon to salon and then from house to house and now she lives just down the road from me :)

- for fledgling: my eldest daughter is planning on flying the nest soon. today, I went along as she inspected rental properties. At 27, she is ten years older than I was when I left home, and she lived away from home for two years while back-packing in New Zealand. Yet still, she is taking baby steps.

- for progress: I added triangles around the circumference of my friendship blanket. They seemed to take forever to do and were then, suddenly, done! Now I am on my second round as I link them together into the circle, they remind me of individual friendships which have connected and become new circles.

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