Thursday, June 2, 2011

Today I am thankful - busy, adventure and wool!

- for a busy few days, which led to a few missed posts. Between house-hunting and crocheting red hats, my life has not been my own! But a house for the fledgling was secured today and she gets the keys tomorrow and is planning on beginning Operation Leave Home on Saturday! Yes - the day after tomorrow!!!!

- for adventure tomorrow: Melissa gave me a voucher for Mother's Day - for a photo shoot on my own! EEK! In front of the camera!!! The photographer phoned today to chat and get to know me - for some reason, she is now really looking forward to our session!!!! Think colour :)

- For wool! My first package of wool from a friend arrived in today's post - thank you Tangerine Meg :) We have just the type of friendship I wish to celebrate with this project - we met online, through blogs and Facebook and share a similar perspective on life. I have already added one of her balls of yarn into my blanket and a big wave of aqua blue will remind me of her every time I see it. This is why my project is a Friendship blanket :)

I will do my best to post daily over the next few days, however I will probably get caught up helping Melissa, so don't panic if I am not! We have our MS Walk on Sunday, so really need to get most of her stuff moved on Saturday!!!

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Tangerine Meg said...

I have happy tears in my eyes, Yvette!
My #1 son moved interstate recently, as you know, and he received HIS keys just last week, and moved in on Monday! Happy, proud times :)
Meg x o