Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today I am thankful - cyclonic names, chiro and kobo

- for the fact they didn't name the Cyclone bearing down on my friends in Far North Queensland another girl's name starting with "Y", because it is going to wreak awful havoc and I would never hear the end of it! Seriously, I am worried for several people and their families and wish this could be downgraded like the one that threatened other friends in Western Australia only days ago.

- for the fact my Chiro is no longer in Cairo - it is surreal that just a few weeks ago, my chiropractor posted this photo on Facebook and we chuckled about the pun.

- for my new toy, which I just collected from the post office: my Kobo e-reader is charging as I write! perfect timing, as I am manning a display at a conference in the city on Friday and can take Stephen Fry with me!

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