Sunday, February 6, 2011

Today I am thankful - cupboards, sunny and foods

- for reaching the end of my quest to declutter and organise the kitchen cupboards this weekend. I tackled them in order of priority and while there are still some to go, I am happy with what I achieved. Now, nobody use anything and it will stay like that ;)

- for fair weather, now dry and sunny, much cooler and predicted to stay like that for the week. Hopefully our State can dry out a bit, after more floods yesterday. At least the garden doesn't need watering!

- for foods that we never dreamed of when I was young!  It is interesting that each time I do a deep organising of food storage, I am creating labels for new foods. As a child, there were two types of rice: long grain and short grain! Today, I have separate containers for about five types and that isn't even all I could have!

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