Thursday, February 17, 2011

Today I am thankful - install, assembly and uncommitted!

- for the AV install being complete! Some fine-tuning of the hard drive needed, but otherwise, we can now share educational videos, power-point presentations and more with our Breastfeeding Centre visitors on a large screen without having to send prayers to the AV gods first!

-for peaceful assembly of flat-packed shelves by my son. As he has genes from both sides for explosive outbursts during such activities, it is a delight that he just calmly puts the pieces together in peaceful silence.

- for three days without commitments, other than water aerobics, myotherapy, a little grocery shopping and maybe a trip to the Sustainability Festival, if the weather holds. Calm between storms - after last week's big conference weekend, I am now preparing to head to Brisbane next weekend for the ABA Manager's conference!

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