Friday, September 3, 2010

Aisle 6 - Healthy Challenges 2: Personal care products

* Challenge 17: Do natural deodorants really work?
* Challenge 18: Sunscreens: what's the safety factor?
* Challenge 19: Girl talk: the gory details on sanitary protection

As per my previous post, I have sensitive skin - and when it comes to deodorant, I am at the mercy of ONE product! Around 18, my body suddenly developed an intolerance to the product I had always used and I began a search to replace it. It seemed I would come out in an awful rash with anything I could buy in the supermarket (this was the early 80s, so choices were limited) but eventually I found a solution at a department store counter - and began a lifetime relationship with Innoxa Free and Easy. If they ever discontinue the product or change the formula, I am doomed (they brought out two variations a few years ago - fragrance free and sports: both restored the rash and were hastily dumped!)

I am open to trying the deodorant crystal discussed in the book - perhaps as a winter option: I suspect it wouldn't meet the need in summer - and will look for one as I am running low. But otherwise, it is that little pink roll-on for me!

Sunscreen is something I always felt guilty of not using enough of, however as I tend to avoid the sun when it is at its highest, I really only get caught on those first few outings in October when I forget sunscreen and hat! But in recent years, as awareness of the benefits of sun and vitamin D for MS, I now actively seek the sun in all but the most dangerous times, when I retreat to the shade. I truly believe if skin cancer is in my future, it will be caused by the hours I spent unprotected as a teenager, not the occasional overdose I get as a wiser adult! So I limit my sunscreen use, wear a hat and use a parasol and sleeves to cover my skin.

Now - sanitary protection! I almost baulked at writing about this challenge, when my blog is so public and posted to my facebook Wall for all to see! However, I have made drastic changes in product use in recent years, so I am just going to say - yes, I have ditched the disposable goods and have embraced the Diva Cup and cloth pads, which should see me through this next few years until it is all done and dusted!


Jesijames said...

I am frustrated by the deodorants IN menstrual pads!! they smell revolting!
I don't actually need the diva cup, only the occasional light pad, and am keen to make my own, but not sure about where to start with the fabric to wear closest to skin. interested in the experiences you have had and what were most comfy!
I use the crystal when my underarm hair is sparse and it is fine. But in the winter when I grow it freely, I find the crystal isn't enough to deal with sweaty days.

Michelle said...

I love my DivaCup! And for everyday discharge I use Lunapads pantiliners (

Just checking out some of the blogs posted in the Goddess Circle. Have a magic day!

Alannah said...

love my diva cup too....just wish I didn't have to use it! haha