Sunday, February 13, 2011

Today I am thankful - Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

I have been away from my home broadband over the weekend and what I was able to access through my mobile service was agonisingly slow! So here I am, firstly, thankful for faster internet :)

- for the joy of seeing my dear friend Pinky McKay launch the new edition of one of my favourite books Parenting By Heart. In a room full of mums and babies (many who are my friends on Facebook!) it was just lovely. Camera in hand, I got to capture the atmosphere to share with you:
Pinky McKay's book launch

- for a stolen hour between the launch and the time I needed to hit the road - which I got to spend at Chadstone Shopping Centre :) I went to T2 and bought the tea canisters and spoons I had promised to get and I also succumbed and brought home the second installment of Michael Palin's Diaries in paperback, because it isn't yet available for Kobo.

- for being back at Ballarat, and being with so many people I truly love spending time with. And being supported by my own two doulas, Lauren and Bronwen, who made my arrival and set up so much easier for me.

- for waking up from a really good night's sleep, a rare treat and so needed with a hectic time-table in front of me.

- for the annual photo opportunity with all our volunteers, which I shared this year with Beth, daughter of Karen, who used to play with my son when they were pre-schoolers and their mothers were busy moving and shaking! (This is really just a Facebook meet-up with a few non-conformers taking part unknowingly!)
ABA Victorian Branch Volunteers

- for the amazing sight of 200 party revellers, most of whom were wearing one of my signature colours - a room full of ORANGE! Celebrating diversity, we were invited to wear either clothing from our heriitage or a country we identify with or orange, the colour of harmony. I just packed my usual wardrobe, but it was like being in a clothes shop designed just for me! I fell in love with many outfits :) Here I am with a special group of buddies:
Ange, Yvette, Debbie and Sophie

- for a fantastic range of inspiring speakers - our conferences are amazing, put together entirely by volunteers, and this year was no exception. The afternoon panel debate introduced me to this amazing stay-at-home dad and his blog reservoir dad

- for the lovely thank you gifts given with love to myself and other speakers - which included some of the wonderful tea towels commemorating the conference, which have a very special story you can read here.

- for the two very special birthday's today, February 13, for on this day, 20 years ago, my last child, my only son, Kieran was born. And what a date for me to birth on - for this date, in 1964, saw the very first meeting of the newly-formed Nursing Mothers' Association, which grew to become what we now know as the Australian Breastfeeding Association, which is now - like me - 47 years young!
What I was doing 20 years ago!

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shirlnutkin said...

i didn't know orange stood for harmony. lovely. and lovely pictures!