Saturday, February 19, 2011

Today I am thankful - lazy, son and virtual friends

- for a lazy day in bed, letting my body fight this cold, while my brain caught up on blog reading, Bed of Roses and the "Life" series on ABC iView and even did a little decluttering! Lots of good raw and whole-foods to eat, tea and water to drink and four-legged attendants by my side (or on top of me, when possible!)

- for my amazingly resilient son, Kieran, who has completely re-adapted his sleep patterns to meet his needs: up in time to leave for TAFE before 8am, home around lunch-time, sleep all afternoon, game online all night til the wee small hours, sleep until time to repeat! And I despaired that he would never sleep as a baby! (Actually, I think he has just reverted to that same sleep pattern, 20 years later!) And who said to me the other day "Oh, yeah, I'll probably be on a raid on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 8pm, so if you need me to do anything, it'll need to be before then" as he happily assembled my flat-pack shelves!

- for online friends, who keep me entertained in my sickbed - thank goodness for the internet and a lap-top!

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