Monday, January 31, 2011

Today I am thankful - water, tomatoes and shops

- for my first water aerobics class of the year, at Kings. My other classes at Jubilee begin this Friday but I have to be in the city so won't go until the following week. It always feels like such an effort to go, but it isn't, and it feels good and I enjoy it!

- for the tomatoes I bought at Tullys, which smell like tomatoes! The supply that came with our fruit and veg box on Friday barely made it through the weekend and I had intended stocking up at the farmers market, but Tullys is always a good option!

- for a pleasant wander through the Mornington shops after aerobics, including a soy chai latte at page 8 - mostly window shopping, all I bought were some incense cones at Himalayan Journey.

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