Thursday, February 24, 2011

Today (and yesterday!) I am thankful - peace, photos and blue!

- for the moment of utter peace as I stopped for a drink during yoga class and looked across the room at the view outside - the clear glass made it appear we were practicing outside.

- for the joy of reliving last November's wedding of Kaitlyn and Ashley, as I got to view the wonderful wedding photos taken by Rachel Richter! And uploading the slide show to my laptop, so it is going to Brisbane with me tomorrow! (As soon as we can share them online, I will! Be patient!)

- for the arrival today of my new Tupperware seals, so now the healthy foods in my cupboards have blue lids! (You can't get round ones anymore, so I will swap to ovals for those)

Tomorrow I head off to Brisbane for a conference and will return home Monday evening. Depending on how good my web access is, I will either post each day or catch up next week!

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