Thursday, February 3, 2011

Today I am thankful - humour, birth and sleep

- for the Aussie sense of humour, even in a crisis: on-the-spot journo on radio yesterday, in the face of on-coming cyclone, apologised that it was "a bit blowy here" to explain the noise. Bloke interviewer post-cyclone this morning described having all his chooks* in the bathroom, where they promptly "perched on the vanity, staring at themselves in the mirror, amazed at how good looking they were".

- for the fact the population is plus-one, minus-none after the cyclone - a new baby calmly and unremarkably born on her due date in the evacuation centre. Her mother wanted a home birth, so refused the offer of a transfer to hospital! The baby was caught by a visiting English midwife, holidaying in the area :) In the sick bay of the school they were sheltering in.

-  for the fact I did get a (just) little more sleep after my husband got up at 4am, to catch a flight to Brisbane. Had to convince the fur-babies that this did NOT mean it was morning and time to play! YAWN!

* Aussie for chickens :)

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