Friday, February 18, 2011

Today I am thankful - cold, supplies and magazines

- for coming down with a cold today, just about the only time I can squeeze one in! Of course, it means when I fly to Brisbane next week, I will have to deal with sinus pain - but I don't think I have ever flown without just having had a cold! So my quiet weekend at home will be spent resting and drinking copious amounts of tea.

- for getting all the errands on my list out of the way this morning before I started to feel sick, including a trip to the supermarket to restock the pantry supplies on my list after the big clean out. Apart from the check-out, I love pottering up and down aisles at leisure selecting staples, spices and the like.

- for the hour I spent at the library reading the Oprah magazine. I also discovered a new publication about green living, which was a bonus. It must be a new subscription, as there weren't any back-issues for me to bring home! Part of my own greening is that I no longer buy magazines, so the library collection is my only fix. Am looking forward to Kobo getting magazine access in Australia though ;)

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