Monday, February 14, 2011

Today I am thankful - mittens, rest and handbag

- for the lovely, knitted mittens that Kathleen passed on to me over the weekend :) She not only knitted them but spun the wool herself (or something crafty like that!). It happened when I posted these on my Pinterest board, then she replied she had these if I would like them! yet again, social media at its best :)
My new mittens!

- for the luxury of a rest day after a busy weekend, which sees me lazing around in bed with the laptop doing nothing in particular!

- for the fact my handbag is almost dry, so I can soon put all my stuff back inside! Saturday morning saw me with an inch of water in my bag after my water bottle wasn't, in fact, closed! (If I ever need an emergency bucket, my bag is good to go!). My lovely friends Carol and Ange were there to support me through the process of rescuing electronics (all good) and everything else - Carol dried all my cards individually at the breakfast table :) Only drownings were of the paper receipt/business card type - even my Moleskin notebook recovered in working order! My (fabric) wallet was soaked through but has now dried in perfect order. And thankfully, I had removed my Pouchee filled with essential stuff and packed that in my backpack to lighten the load (yes, Carol, there could have been MUCH MORE in there!!!!!)

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Tangerine Meg said...

Delicious mittens!
Glad to hear your handbag recovered.
M x o