Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Today I am thankful - safety, tshirts and tie dye

- for the safety of my family and friends, as Mother Nature releases even more devastation - now with another earthquake in Christchurch, NZ. It is only a few years since my daughter called New Zealand her home for two years, back packing her way around the North and South Islands. She was only in Christchurch a few days but is stunned to see what has happened. It looks like the youth hostel she stayed in there has been flattened. Christchurch has hosted Bookcrossing conventions where online friends have gathered, so it all just seems too close to home.

- for the opportunity to share with you the art of a lovely Friend of mine, whose work inspires me and which I wear proudly on a tshirt which always brings kind words and happy faces:

The really good news is - you all have a chance to WIN one of Tangerine Meg's tshirts to brighten your own world! Quick - go to Tangerine Meg tshirt giveaway. And enjoy browsing all the designs and colours to choose which you would like to win :) (I chose the Hippy Heart in purple)

- for feeling quite relaxed on finding out today that there is a dress theme for the conference dinner I will attend this Saturday night in Brisbane (with no time at all to make or plan anything!) - Something 70s for our conference dinner. Tie dye is encouraged! No worries, will just hit the wardrobe then!

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