Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Today I am thankful - yoga, bananas and newborn eyelashes

- for the first yoga class of the year + the beautiful sunflowers in the garden outside the studio.

- for bananas, as I drove home the man on the radio was alerting us the the risk to banana plantations from the cyclone. Remembering the prices after Cyclone Larry (when they went to $12.95kg), I was happy to pop into the shops and find them on special for $1.95kg. Bought three kilos to stock up the freezer against my daily banana use in breakfast smoothies.

- for the eyelashes of a newborn baby, unfolding like the wings of a freshly hatched butterfly, giving a hint to how long and lush they will soon be. Today was a newborn day at drop-in day and I got to cuddle one off to sleep :)

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