Thursday, February 10, 2011

Today I am thankful - packed, fudge and nurse

- for feeling organised to head off to conference tomorrow. Just need to pack up the techie stuff after breakfast and hit the road! Going via the launch of Pinky McKay's new book at Chadstone Shopping Centre :)

- for ordering our new AV gear for the breastfeeding centre - served by a lovely man who swears his name is "Fudge"!

- for the knowledge that our poor, sick cat Merry might have spent the day sprawled on Melissa's bed, but she did so with the company of our dog Molly, who seems to aspire to a nursing career! Or maybe it is just empathy and understanding, from one sufferer of blocked anal glands to another? (Merry had an abscess burst yesterday, an emergency trip to the vet and is now wearing a "bucket" on her head)

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