Friday, February 4, 2011

Today I am thankful - home, air con and art

- to get home! I love living where we do, but is a one hour journey to the City and when you begin that journey at 7.30am, it seems extra far! I trained in and out today, with a suitcase of brochures and handouts to distribute to maternal and child health nurses at their conference.

- for the air conditioning at the venue, because the humidity today is unbearable! The tail of Cyclone Yasi has stretched down to us and given us a taste of tropical weather. Just going between the station and venue had me gasping! Didn't need to use the umbrella, because I carted it with me today!  Sky is now brooding with thunder and dark clouds fir to burst.

- for my order of a print from artist Lori Portka, which was waiting for me when I arrived home :) This is the one I got:

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