Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today I am thankful - Simon & Garfunkel, tidy toys and a clean house

- for Simon & Garfunkel! Yes, really :) I picked up their "Best Of" CD at the library the other day and played it  during my travel time today. It made me realise just how much their music was a part of my childhood - either background music on the radio or lyrics to learn for school singing lessons!

- for a fairly quiet day at work, which allowed me to do a little housekeeping - the phone still rang endlessly with BEC bookings, but only a couple of people popped in to the Centre. There is such satisfaction in getting all the toys back into their "proper" toy boxes!

- for coming home after the cleaner has been here and the house is in order, with light and air streaming through the open doors and windows and all I "have" to do is make a cuppa!

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