Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Annual Diary Envy

Tis the season when gorgeous new diaries, calendars and daily planners are cracked open for the first time after being selected from the array of choices on offer. This used to be a favourite time of year for me - til I went digital!

Don't get me wrong - I am still 100% committed to going paperless and the system I have with Outlook on my computer synced with my Blackberry works perfectly. I can't even remember the last time I bought and used a paper diary and I only have calendars as wall art (I obviously have to buy the Australian Breastfeeding Association calendar every year!)

But how I miss the joy of putting pen to paper for the very first time! I don't even have a paper address book and although I have good intentions of paper journaling, if I ever do really make a habit of it, my stash of notebooks would serve me well for years  to come.

So I sob inwardly as I look away from enticing displays and begin to twitch by the time they are all 50% off in the post Christmas sales. I gaze wistfully at the Filofax inserts (I still have her, tucked away, page-less and purposeless after her hard work in the 90s) and I lust after the family organiser calendars that would have been so wonderful in the olden days of kids at school (these days, we buy a $4.95 desk calendar from Officeworks and bung it on the side of the fridge, where the kids list work shifts, LAN parties and cos-play events.

Sigh - might just change the colour of my Outlook background ...

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monkeyboyzmum said...

I can understand how you feel. We have a family Van Gogh wall calendar this year (taking 'wall art' seriously. I have converted to Google calendar combined with a note book in my bag - it can be used for other things and will have no wasted blank pages. I consoled myself with a new address book after doing the Christmas Card list and seeing so many names of people who are no longer with us or those who I would rather forget.