Friday, January 28, 2011

Today I am thankful - walking, text and crayons

- for a lovely beach walk with Molly and Kaitlyn last night. The weather was perfect and we had a lovely chat while we walked. It is nice to spend time alone with Kaitlyn, especially now she is married.

- for the SMS from the pharmacy reminding me I had filled my last script and I needed to see the doctor for another. Wish I could set something up  with the dog when I run out of dog food - "Dear Mum - buy food!"

- for the gorgeous colours of the water-colour crayons at the art shop, where I spent a blissful few minutes working out which to add to my collection - and referring to my trusty little red moleskin notebook, where I had listed them all with a sample scribble, so I don't double up ;)

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