Monday, January 17, 2011

Thankful over the weekend - community, environment and my parasol

I spent the whole weekend at my local beach running a parent's retreat/baby care tent at our local Waterfront Festival. This is one of my favourite events for the year, so lots of reasons to be thankful, but here are three:

- for community. I love this wonderful opportunity to catch up with people as they pass by my tent. Old friends, family members, people who have have known through ABA in the past ... it is just such a wonderful show of community. It is a time when our large city goes back to its roots as a small fishing village where everyone knew everyone. It is also fun to promenade with my daughter Melissa and be introduced to all the people SHE knows, as the next generation that has grown up in the area!

- for our wonderful environment. This beach is my happy place, where I go to walk, to meditate and to enjoy nature. I am proud to share it with so many visitors, many who have come quite some distance to take part. The weather was perfect (after so much rain) and the beach was at its shining best. I got to also enjoy it early, before the crowds arrived, when it was calm and peaceful.

- for my beautiful parasol! Melissa and I bought these last year at the St Kilda festival and as well as giving fabulous sun protection, they bring so much joy to people around us. Oh, for a car boot full of them to have sold - everyone asked where they could get one too! Colour is catchy!

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