Friday, January 14, 2011

52 Weeks o f decluttering - week two

Part of me feels like I didn't achieve much this week but then I remind myself it was my first week back to work and I am decluttering there as well, so I have two lives to report on!

This image from the Organzing Junkie blog
sums ups my week nicely!
At home, my main Ta Da is finally shredding all my unnecessary paper from 2010, which had exploded out of my household journal and was creating stress. Of course, once I started the shredding process it all cleared away quickly and order restored once more. I am also pleased to remove a couple more plastic pockets from my folder, as more services get converted to paperless billing.

At work I have been pottering around dealing with displaced objects after I rearranged in the last week or two before the holiday break. More shredding :) and condensing of files to move off-site for archiving. As part of the team working on the ABA 50th anniversary history project I am having to actually go through all that stuff kept for just such a need and getting it organised so our researchers can use it for the publication they are compiling is a priority, without getting side-tracked by reading it all as I go!

So this week has largely been about PAPER and I am motivated to move on to our own four drawer filing cabinet and cull as much as I can. With the floods this week in our country, I have realised that the 80/20 rule would apply to most of our belongings, so am trying to work out the 20% that would be a problem if lost to fire/flood, so I can digitise or otherwise protect it.

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Krajcimama said...

I have seen so many really cute ideas on how to store paper and manage paper...but I just can't seem to settle on one that will really fit my needs right now. I'm still on the hunt, though.

I think a paper shredder would be an EXCELLENT investment for us, too! I hate when we have stacks of papers everywhere and then have to find something and don't know where to start!

I'm sure that having that under control really does bring a lot of piece of mind! Bravo!

shirlnutkin said...

i am becoming intrigued by this decluttering!

Elle said...

Great job! I bet it does feel better to have less paper floating around! Paper is the most annoying because sometimes that can be the biggest issue your house has. Good job!

Square-Peg Karen said...

Ok, now I'm feeling inspired! Amazing how good it feels to run the shredder and watch the piles disappear! Thanks for helping me remember - - now I'm off to it!!

Anonymous said...

I always feel so much better when my paper shredding is caught up. Need to start on my file cabinet too!