Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today I am thankful - community, fundraising and drop-back-in

- for the wonderful community that is pulling together in Queensland, Brisbane in particular as they wait for the flood to peak. From the Prime Minister and Premier down through local government, services and members of the public, the message coming through via the media is one of a united community pulling together and supporting each other. As the waters move down into NSW, that community will also need to come together.

- for the marvelous fundraising efforts coming through my Facebook and inbox - it seems everyone is doing something. We as a country learned so much from the experience of Black Saturday and it is heartening that something positive came from that horror.

- for reopening our drop-in day at the Breastfeeding Centre today, because three mums of brand new babies plus three with older babies needed our support and it is so good to be back on deck providing it.

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