Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Today I am thankful - white linen, family and abundance!

- for my lovely, white bed linen! This week I have sorted out the linen cupboard and have an over-abundance of white pillow cases! Every time I replace a sheet or quilt cover, it comes with more pillow cases! I don't think they ever wear out. So have set aside the excess and am going to add a couple to each dye load I do through the year, which will give me coloured pillow cases for the rest of the household! (I did suggest, with my arms FULL of white linen, that I should throw it all in the machine with a sachet of purple dye I have on hand - Melissa thought this a great idea, so I had to explain my bed is the white space in life that allows colour everywhere else!)

- for Australia day, when I personally celebrate the safe arrival of several ancestors to this country since 1816. From convicts to pioneers, to those seeking a new life, generations of my family have led to me being here with a wonderful lifestyle. I am sorry that our indigenous people were so badly affected along the journey that led to today, but wish we could all begin to look forward together, rather than look back separately.

- for the knowledge that my daughter Melissa should never go dirty, dry or unscented - today I attempted to declutter the bathroom and have never seen so many bath products and skin lotions!

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