Thursday, January 13, 2011

Today I am thankful - eavesdropping, nice words and fair weather

- for my daily eavesdropping on my 19 (almost 20) year old son Kieran's end of the conversations as he plays World Of Warcraft online with his friends. It is a window into their lives - without them having computers all over the house and eating all the food! (We are lucky he happily uses the main desktop computer in the family room, otherwise we would never see him!) It is, however, less interesting at 2am!

- for the lovely words about me posted by Tangerine Meg on her blog today, in response to the Versatile Blogger award I passed onto her a few weeks ago. I love her marvelous artwork and she inspires me to delve into my own.

- for the fact that the constant rain we are experiencing is expected to ease in time for this weekend's Waterfront Festival in Frankston, because I am heartily sick of this and my other favourite local event, the Festival of Lights, being wrecked by the elements. Just once, it would be nice to have a dry, calm, not-too-hot two-day festival, where I spend the days manning a feed and change tent for parents and babies!

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milkcan said...

Sounds like you've had a good day! So glad you're participating in Art Journal Every Day!