Friday, January 21, 2011

Today I am thankful - muscles, horse and lunch

- for a fruitless trip to Dandenong post office* with my son to get a Tax File Number (system was down) that wasn't wasted - we stopped by the office and he transferred boxes of archives to the car for me and then unloaded at the storage unit on the way home! (He needs to go to Dandenong to try again tomorrow, but I can't see him wanting to do the trip with me and spend four hours helping run a breastfeeding class for expectant twin parents! Might be his father's turn)

- for the amusement of watching a horse enjoying the breeze as they cruised along the freeway in a horse float : nose and tongue poked out through a small window, just like a dog!

- for stopping at the coffee shop where my daughter works for lunch and randomly timing it as she also ordered her lunch! Lovely to lunch with two of my children.

* For some bizarre reason, only a handful of post offices can process these and none of our local ones are on the list! So all the uni/TAFE students like my son are madly tearing their hair out trying to organise it for their enrollments.

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