Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today I am thankful - breastfeeding, salad and day off!

- for being able to reassure the mother of a nine month old that she was doing great with breastfeeding and they could go on for as long as they wish! She kept saying she wished she had joined ABA earlier, because her family, mothers group and others around her weren't supportive of her breastfeeding. She is now hooked up with her local ABA group :)

- for the pleasure of eating a salad for lunch, because I made the effort to prepare it last night. Just assembled it at work :) Doing pretty well sticking to my goal of lunch being important enough to plan for.

- for the bonus of a free day tomorrow, Australia Day, even though I wish it didn't mean missing a drop-in day at the Breastfeeding Centre: saw a few visitors today and more coming Thursday, just hoping not to many walk-ins turn up.

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