Friday, January 14, 2011

Today I am thankful -sun, hair and anticipation

- for blue sky and sunshine, because they mean the rain has stopped. As Victoria took her share of the insane weather, we are well and truly hydrated and parts of our State are now dealing with floods of their own, as are parts of Tasmania. I don't ever recall a rain band causing such havoc across the entire eastern side of Australia and the news of several dry days ahead is a relief to us all.

- for getting the chance to get my hair cut and "coloured" today, as it has been much too long! My regular hairdresser is busy nurturing a new baby, so it was back to my previous hairdresser/friend and my fringe is purple once more!

- for the upcoming weekend of fun, food and entertainment at the Waterfront Festival! Each year there is some new delight which enters my life at this event - I wonder what it will be this year? (I probably won't get to do my daily update on Saturday, as it is late by the time I get home, so if I don't I will do a bumper one on Sunday!

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